Fairfax, VA dentist Dr. Ricardo M. Gaitan

Meet the Staff

We want you to know that in our office you can expect to be treated with respect at all times. We strive to deliver the best diagnosis and treatment that dentistry has to offer. We believe that these goals can be met through a continuous and open dialogue between you and our entire team.


Monica Nguyen
Office Manager: Monica Nguyen
Office Assistant: Andrea Rey

Martha Huete
Mythanh Truong
Office Assistant: Martha Huete
Mythanh Truong R.D.H

Dental Assistant: Cherry Takawi Dental Assistant: Hayat Hiso

Claudia Rosales Ricardo Jr. Gaitan
Dental Assistant: Claudia Rosales Dental Assistant: Ricardo Jr. Gaitan

Mercedes Alarcon
Dental Assistent: Mercedes Alarcon


Our staff is CPR certified and informed, administrative personnel, well-versed in health and insurance policies. E-mail us at blvddental@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

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